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Business service access

Subject matter expertise access for one hour

Access to all events

Access to all workshops

6 months

6 months

Group/ community access

Business interaction


Sharing blogs, ideas, and thoughts

Sharing topics for comments and discussions


Access to both premium and standard members

Only to standard members

Long term service from subject matter experts

50% discount

15% discount

Share with the community your business services via posts, images, and videos

4 per week

1 per week

Business service enlistment


Attend unlimited live sessions

Restricted to three months

Road map for caring and growth



Check out the pool of vendors/business service providers offering corporate compliances and other legal services.





RS. 4,000/ Month

RS. 1,500/ Month

6 months

RS. 6,000/ Month

RS. 2,800/ Month

3 months

RS. 8,000/ Month

RS. 3500/ Month

2 months

RS. 10,000/ Month

RS. 5,000/ Month

1 month

RS. 20,000/ Month

RS. 10,000/ Month