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We look forward to being a host to connect those who require services and those who are ready to provide those services for the mutual benefit of both parties. 

Here, at LIKES, we give prime importance to both the giver and the taker to ensure that like-minded individuals and businesses help each other in fulfilling their particular needs and requirements.

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With the most fruitful associations and collaborations, you can be assured of the best of the services within the industry for the mutual benefit of both parties.

Startups and organizations

Being a newbie in the industry and the particular field will have its challenges. This is why we are here to provide you with the required expertise and domain knowledge to ensure the best and top-notch services are being delivered.

Professionals and Graduates

Having a degree in hand doesn't help unless you have the apt skill and knowledge to ensure you are in the best hands of the industry. The support of the subject specialists can be utilized for being hired in the right organizations.

Corporates and enterprises

From a plethora of choices available, corporates will want to only choose the best ones which are useful for both the organization and the employees which helps in their professional growth which in turn results in more productivity.

Incubators and accelerators

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Women entrepreneurs

Women being the backbone of the society try to break the glass ceiling and try to make their mark in the industry. For this very reason, we are here to bring them to the forefront and assist them in fulfilling their professional goals.

Meet our Active Members

Anooja Bashir

Marketing & Brand Statergist

Sameer Karulkar

Venture Portfolio Management

Anushka Iyyer

Business Building & Entrprenuership

Amit Kahanzode

Business & Sales Statergist

Anujj Mehta

Lead Generation Statergist


LIKES provides a platform where you can promote opportunities to members who can help them with their content thereby concentrating on content marketing which paves the way to generate solid leads which will get converted to business opportunities and relations.

Join a Group or Members

Finding those people who have similar interests and understandings will result in joining hands for greater interactions and collaborations.

Start and Awesome Blog

When there is any blog that is presented in a group or community, it results in enhanced learning and in-depth comprehension. This in turn leads to enhancement of knowledge and strengthening the business relationship between the parties who are present in the conversation.

Share with Friends

Here, we get the chance and opportunity to showcase what we have to our friends through various posts, images, videos, and links. This will improve the exposure and extent of how the content reaches the required audience.

Member Community

Having professionals from various backgrounds, we cater to the needs of all fields. Business enterprises look for those which deliver both quality and quantity with the best affordable rates.

Have a Discussion

One can begin a discussion on any particular topic or comment on the same which will lead to the exchange of ideas, thoughts, and processes which generates increased interest in the subject matter and other related thoughts.

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Customer Ratings

Its been an amazing experience to be a part of The LIKES Community. I am extremely passionate about working with woman entrepreneurs & decision makers to strengthen their way to the C Suite. LIKES has given me an opportunity to sculp women into business leaders.
Jessy Jacob
Business & Corporate Coach - Fit The Soul
It's indeed great pride for us to associate with LIKES platform for business ecosystem partnership as well as for startup mentorship. One of the session for effective marketing programs under LIKES was quite useful for our aspiring entrepreneurs.
Amit Ranjan
CEO - AIC-BAMU Foundation Atal Incubation centre
Amazing concept !!!I am truely find it useful as I feel it's something very much needed for the business ecosystem in present day scenario.I have been fortunate to be the part of this community for taking business services as well as be a part of mentoring panel.
Anushka Iyyar
Founder, Wiggles - Forbes Under 30 Under 30 Asia

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